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Well here we are at the end of yet another very busy academic year at Holyhead. As always a number of Edgware students have stepped up to the challenge and proved to be an asset to the school. I congratulate them all for this!

 We have recently met all of our new Edgware students during intake days. It was great to see the enthusiasm and motivation from them all and we look forward to welcoming them into the Edgware family.

 This year, Edgware College has been very successful in fundraising; in total we have raised £788.65 for Acorns Hospice! As you know we did something a little different this year and as well as some enterprising ways of raising money we put on a disco for the whole school: all of the money raised was presented by Mr Lovell and Mrs Marnell as well as one of our College Captains Priya Flora and Cabdi-Shakur Mohammed to Acorns Hospice in June. 

Acorns Children’s Hospice offers a network of specialist palliative care and support to children and young people who have life limiting or life threatening illnesses and their families. Children and young people can stay at the hospices for short breaks, emergency and end of life care. The Community Team gives support to the family 24 hours a day, every day of the year. There is no charge to families for using Acorns services. That is why all of our donations are so important.

In the last year Acorns has supported over 800 children and more than 1030 families, including those who are bereaved across Birmingham, Coventry & Warwickshire, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Staffordshire and Shropshire regions.

Acorns Visit

Mr Lovell and Mrs Marnell took us to Acorns Hospice in Selly Oak on Tuesday 21st June. We did not know what to expect really, although we had raised money for the charity, we did not fully understand what they did. 

The trip to the Acorns was a great experience. Myself and Priya got to see first hand, the great work done by the workers and many volunteers at the Hospice. The Hospice raises up to £9 million a year to support the facilities in which they take care of the poor children. Only 28% of that is donated by the NHS, the 72% remaining is all gained through fundraising events such as the Edgware disco where I was the DJ. The visit was an eye-opening experience and taught me not to take the simple things in life for granted.

Yesterday we went to Acorns Hospice to deliver a cheque for the money Edgware raised. When we arrived we felt this warm welcoming feeling as we entered. One thing that caught my eye was a stand with all different religious symbolic ornaments, it gave off a sense of belonging. Acorns Hospice gave the impression that it was just one big house and that it shouldn’t be seen as a hospital. They had many great facilities such as a games room, sensory room, a beautiful garden and a swimming pool. It’s a great place for families to make unforgettable memories with their children. It was heartwarming to know that although the children of the hospice suffered from life limiting disabilities, Acorns does everything it can to support them and make every moment of their life count. It is very hard to put into words how you feel walking around the hospice as it is a complete mixture of emotions. It is sad to see the children and what they have to go through, however, the way they are dealt with and the help they get is very positive.

It was interesting to see that it is not just the children that Acorns help, they also work very closely with the entire family, who have rooms to stay over in and brothers and sisters are invited to join in with all of the activities they do. 

Joanne, who was showing us around, explained to us how Acorns had been set up by a family whose son had passed away and they had got together with a group of parents to find somewhere where they could spend time with their child in their last days, away from a hospital setting and where they could be with them overnight. When opened it was only the third children’s hospice in the world. The Acorns name was linked to the site of the first hospice, where we were, on Oak Tree Lane. They now have 3 hospices around the West Midlands. 

Cabdi and Priya

Inter-College Competitions

Well done to all of the competitors who have taken part in Inter-College sports activities this year.  We have had more students than ever taking part this year and that is all down to the great Sports Captains we have had. We also came first in a number of competitions, Year 7 students did particularly well and made a great start, fantastic. However, no matter how good a feeling it is to win just remember, it’s the taking part that counts - so we want to see as many new faces as possible stepping up to the challenge next year, and making a contribution!

Sports Day

At the time of writing this the track events have yet to be completed and therefore the overall scores are not in. I am optimistic, however, that all the Edgware sports stars will be out in force on the day and claim some of the first place medals. 

Edgware Sports Day winners so far!

Sophie: Y8 Javelin

Romane : Y8 Javelin and 800m  (Edgware star performer!)

Congratulations must go out to both Corwen and Oswestry for dominating the first places in the field events this year.

Senior students

Well done to all of Year 10 students who applied to be a Senior Student. Edgware had many proactive applicants for the role, many more applied than last year.. Being a Senior Student is a hard job requiring, dedication, teamwork and responsibility. The Senior Students in training are getting a taste of the job and undertaking many duties. Edgware fully supports you all!

Finally, good luck to all of our Edgwarian Year 11s : we hope that your results this summer will be brilliant, and that you continue to achieve great things - at Holyhead Sixth Form, or wherever you will be! You have set a very high standard this year for the rest of the school to emulate. 

It is not only students we have to say goodbye to this term as we are also losing some valued Edgware Form Tutors. 

Mrs Fear E2 is going on to run her own department at Alderbrook School in Solihull and we wish her the best.

Miss Moore E7 is leaving us to work in Italy, happy travels and in bocca al lupo

Mrs James E12 is going on maternity leave and we wish her and her expanding family all the best. 

 The Edgware Form Tutors wish you a fantastic and safe summer. We all look forward to the year ahead and the record breaking results from our students.

Mr Lovell and the Edgware team.

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