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Here we are at the end of the first term of the new academic year at Holyhead and what a start it’s been!  All of the Colleges have upped their game this year and the fight for Champion College is well and truly picking up pace. All areas are very well contested this year and as usual Edgware are fighting to get to the top. We have not claimed a first place yet, however, with the continued effort that I have seen I am sure it will not be long now.

This is a great start to the academic year and I would like to congratulate you all for this. 

We have all been hard at work applying for and appointing new captains this term and they are all working hard in their roles.

Form Captains have taken on their duties well and are happily encouraging the rest of their Tutor Group to achieve in all that they do. Tutor Time activities have had a change this year with the introduction of a recognised award, Pixl EDGE, which is developing the much needed life skills looked for by all employers. Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication (LORIC).  All students have taken to this well and there have been some interesting debates going on in them. It was great to hear the views of the students and I can’t wait to see this continue. Why not ask them about these new skills at home?

Each week the Form Captains also hand in their nominations for star of the week, it has been great to see the range of things that the students have been proud of over the week, ranging from work done in class to acts of kindness whilst out and about in the community. Long may this continue.

Sports Captains have worked fantastically this term and our turnout for competitions in all of the year groups has been the highest in years. This new found resolve has meant some great placings for each team. In fact the girls teams have claimed first place in all year groups, which is an amazing achievement.  This means that we are currently joint second with Corwen and only 2 points behind Meriden.

I thank all of the Captains for their continued enthusiasm and commitment this term and look forward to seeing even more from you all.

Applications for College Captain were the highest in years, showing the passion of the Edgware students which was fantastic!

There was a much longer application process this year involving numerous tasks, where each of the applicants gave their all showing just how committed they are to the College and to the school. After the final task it came down to 3 students, it was very difficult to chose between them so we decided not to.

I would now like to introduce you to the Edgware College Captains.

Soahil E5 and Jasmine E7 as well as our Vice Captain Simrat E7

Hi my name is Simrat and I am the 2017-2018 Edgware Vice College Captain.

I love being in Edgware because it is one massive family.  I love to go out there and be the person who is going for every opportunity and our College allows me to do this. Therefore this year I am not only Vice College Captain but I am also the Year 8 Sports Captain and the Media Captain. Being the Vice College Captain is a big role, I help the College Captains with many things and I am their little lucky charm to keep them positive. Edgware overall is a wonderful College and not to mention Mr Lovells is a great leader .Which brings me onto my next point LORIC.

LORIC is a quality what every student in Edgware has .  L stands for leadership, O stands for Organisation.  R stands for Resilience, I stands for Initiative and C stands for Communication.Not only do we use LORIC everyday but we also use it in Pixl Edge.  Edge is a new activity introduced by Holyhead this year. Edgeware especially enjoys Pixl Edge’s activities as we all can communicate in a fun way.  As you can see I am very proud of being Edgware’s Vice College Captain for this year!

Simrat  E7

My name is Jasmine, I am in E7 and I am privileged to be Edgware College Captain 2017-18.  I am elated to represent Edgware and I feel that if we all work together we  will be able to show all the other Colleges that we are the best and regain our rightful place as Champion College. 

We are here together to drive Edgware to success and make Mr Lovell and ourselves proud. 

I want Edgware to win the College Shield again and we are heading in the right direction with a reduced number of negative and an increased number of positive myPoints. I know that we can continue to make these improvements and strive to be the best that we possibly can.

It is an amazing achievement to be College Captain and I look forward to leading such a great College. 

Jasmine  E7

Year 7 have settled in very well at Holyhead and are all working hard with their teachers to achieve their potential.  They have all shown great determination to succeed and we have some of the highest grades and motivational scores we have ever had. A fantastic start!

It was great to see so many Edgwarians become Senior Students this year.  Well done to them all!  Being a Senior Student is a hard job requiring dedication, team work and responsibility. The majority have made a great start to their new duties I am sure they will continue to do so.

As well as the great work being done outside of the classroom Edgware students are also showing great energy and commitment to their studies. Up to writing this article there have been Academic Profiles for Year’s 7, 9, 10 and 11.  From these the following students have stood out for their excellent motivational score across all subject areas and set an example to all others.

Students who have a motivational score of over 14

Year 7
Zakiyla E10
Liam E13
Shaiann E7
Zaaida E11
Tadeusz E13
Ganga E7Year 9
Mohammed Morshed E2
Roshni E4
Jasmine E7
Kyle E11

Year 10
Bilal E7
Sahill E8

Year 11
Kuljeet E3
Bidrohi E4
Madalina E13
Sadia E12

Well done to all of you.

The Edgware Tutor Team would like to wish you a happy holiday and a very successful and prosperous New Year ‘keep believing and achieving’

The Edgware Family

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