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Edgware Pulse June 2018

Well, here we are at the end of yet another very busy academic year at Holyhead. As always a number of Edgware students have stepped up to the challenge and proved to be an asset to the school. I congratulate them all on this!

We have recently met all of our new Edgware students during intake days. It was great to see the enthusiasm and motivation from them all and we look forward to welcoming them into the Edgware family.

Inter-College Competitions

Well done to all of the competitors who have taken part in Inter-College sports activities this year. We have had more students than ever taking part at the start of this year and that is all down to the great start by the Sports Captains. We also came first in a number of competitions, The girls did exceptionally well, coming first in all but one of their competitions, fantastic. However, as the year progressed the number of entrants dropped and we went from first place to 4th. We all need to remember that no matter how good a feeling it is to win, it’s the taking part that counts - so we want to see as many new faces as possible stepping up to the challenge next year, and making a contribution! Only then we will reclaim our rightful place at the top.

Senior Students

Well done to all of Year 10 students who applied to be a Senior Student. Edgware had many proactive applicants for the role, many more applied than last year. Being a Senior Student is a hard job requiring, dedication, teamwork and responsibility. The Senior Students in training are getting a taste of the job and undertaking many duties. Edgware fully supports you all!

Finally, good luck to all of our Edgwarian Year 11s: we hope that your results this summer will be brilliant and that you continue to achieve great things - at Holyhead Sixth Form, or wherever you will be! You have set a very high standard this year for the rest of the school to emulate.

It is not only students we have to say goodbye to this term as we are also losing some valued Edgware

Form Tutors

Mrs Ghani E3 is going on to a new school closer to her home and we wish her the best.

Miss Watkins E6 is leaving us to live and work in Milton Keynes. Best wishes to her in her new adventures.

Mr Kler E8 is going on to a new school to work closely with 6th Form, something he has wanted for a while. Good luck.

Mrs Barick E9 is leaving us to work closer to her home and progress in her career. Well done and all the best.

Mr Ubhie E10 is going on to a new school to be a Head of College. His new school are very lucky to get him.

The Edgware Form Tutors wish you a fantastic and safe summer. We all look forward to the year ahead and the record-breaking results from our students.

Mr Lovell and the Edgware team: -

Edgware student outstanding Academic Profiles Summer 2018.

Year 7 - Highest Motivational score - Shaiann E7 (9th in the Year Group)

Year 8 - Highest Motivational score - Kaira E2 (Joint 1st in the Year group)

Year 9 - Highest Motivational score - Jasmine E7 (1st in the Year group)

Year 10 - Highest Motivational score - Sahill E8 (2nd in the Year Group)
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