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Edgware Pulse Magazine November 2018

Here we are at the end of the first term of the new academic year at Holyhead and what a start it’s been! All of the Colleges have upped their game this year and the fight for Champion College is well and truly picking up the pace. All areas are very well contested this year and as usual, Edgware is fighting to get to the top. We have claimed two first places already by topping myPoints and intercollege competitions. With the continued effort that I have seen I am sure it will not be long now before we reclaim our place at the top.

This is a great start to the academic year and I would like to congratulate you all for this.

We have all been hard at work applying for and appointing new captains this term and they are all working hard in their roles.

Form Captains have taken on their duties well and are happily encouraging the rest of their Tutor Group to achieve in all that they do. Tutor Time activities are still developing the much-needed Life skills looked for by all employers. Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication (LORIC). All students working on this well and there have been some interesting debates going on. It was great to hear the views of the students and I can't wait to see this continue.

Each week the Form Captains also hand in their nominations for star of the week, it has been great to see the range of things that the students have been proud of over the week, ranging from work done in class to acts of kindness whilst out and about in the community. Long may this continue.

Form Captains

Sports Captains have worked fantastically this term and our turnout for competitions in all of the year groups has been the highest in years. This new found resolve has meant some great placings for each team.

I thank all of the captains for their continued enthusiasm and commitment this term and look forward to seeing even more from you all.

Applications for College Captain were the highest in years, showing the passion of the Edgware students. This was fantastic.

All of the applicants stood up in assembly and spoke about their passions for Edgware and the school and why students should vote for them. The speeches were amazing quality and brought a lump to many a teacher's throat. Mrs Wharton even got up to tell them all how she felt that they were the best speeches that she had heard.

The voting process was very close and took a long time to decide between them, however, we finally managed to get it down to 2 Captians.
Kemar 10E7 and Roshni 10E4

Year 7, have settled in very well at Holyhead and are all working hard with their teachers to achieve their potential. They have all shown great determination to succeed and we have some of the highest grades and motivational scores we have ever had. A fantastic start.

It was upsetting leaving primary school. I was leaving all my friends and teachers that I had spent 4 years of my life with. I was excited to start secondary, but when the first day of school came, I regretted being excited. When I arrived at the school gates I felt terrified that I was starting ‘big school’. I went straight to the hall and joined the assembly. I was told that I was in Edgware, in E1. During tutor time I realised I was with two of my primary school friends. When everybody arrived to form we discussed a few things like school rules and did a few activities. I realised that I was wrong about being afraid. People are really affectionate and welcoming. I was voted as form captain which is a big responsibility, especially for leadership and organisation. I started attending regular meetings and I applied for promotions captain (media team) and successfully got the job. I think being in Holyhead (especially in Edgware) is going to be a great experience.
Mariam 7E1

It was great to see so many Edgwarians become Senior Students this year, well done to them all! Being a senior student is a hard job requiring dedication, teamwork and responsibility. The majority have made a great start to their new duties and, I am sure they will continue to do so.

Not only did we have a large number of Senior Students this year, but we also have reclaimed Head Boy place for Sahill Malhi and Deputy head boy and girl for Shiloh Beckford and Shardonae Barrett. Well done all. A very proud

The Edgware Tutor Team would like to wish you a happy holiday and a very successful and prosperous New Year ‘keep believing and achieving’

The Edgware Family
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