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Another edition of the Pulse Magazine is upon us, and as always, I have lots to share with you from Team Edgware.

Firstly let me mention the attendance for Inter-College so far this academic year. At the start of the year, we were doing fantastically well and claimed a large number of first places, in fact, the girls' teams came first in every single competition. However, this last term has not been good and in fact, on a couple of occasions, we have not had a team at all. When they are out there taking part they all have a great time. It is not just about playing for the College, but also helping with their ability to work with others. I hope we can get back to our winning streak soon and I can't wait to see how we get on at Sports Day. Keep up the hard work everyone.

Edgware's attendance has been good so far this year so, Edgware let’s keep on coming to school with a positive attitude. Overall our punctuality is quite good, we only have a small number of students who are letting us down on this. Please remember to come to school on time and avoid those late detentions, it is not just yourself you are letting down but your Form as well.

Presentation Evening has been again and what a fantastic evening it was. I was immensely proud to see the huge number of Edgware students on stage collecting their awards for outstanding contribution in the different subject areas. Well over 30 students collected an award including Shiloh who collected the Governor's Award and Roshni who collected the Principal’s Award; a wonderful achievement from all, well done. Also, a big shout out needs to go to Jonathan for winning the KS4 Spelling Bee 2019 for Edgware. Fantastic.

College Winners
This year all Heads of College picked individual winners from each year group, this was no easy task as there are so many students who go Above and Beyond, both in and out of lessons. After much deliberation, our winners are:-

Year 7 - Mariam
Year 8 - Varandeep
Year 9 - Jonathan
Year 10 - Rabia
Year 11 - Shardonae

As well as those receiving recognition for their work in school, there were also a large number of Edgware students taking part in the music and drama pieces. It was amazing to see the talent that we have in Edgware and in Holyhead as a whole from Year 7 right up to Year 13. Have a look for yourself via the school YouTube page. I was especially proud of both Amirah and Abigail who lead the Gospel Choir in a number from Sister Act 2. Their voices were amazing and completely blew me away.

Then came the moment everybody was waiting for, the results of the College Shield. Every student in school has been making a big push this year to improve. A huge congratulations to the winners this year - Meriden College. An amazing achievement, well done all. Edgware did not fair too well this year and came in 4th place. I know how disheartened this made a large number of students feel, however, we did come second in both the Achievement and Attainment category and the Inter-College category. So there are positives to be had.

A big well done to all four Colleges this year, each one is working harder and harder.

Mr D Lovell
Head of Edgware
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