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posted Oct 22, 2014, 12:47 AM by J Grant   [ updated Dec 20, 2017, 12:52 AM ]

I cannot believe it has been a year since I started my journey with you all as Head of Meriden College, and we have been going from strength to strength. This time last year I said that it was my target for Meriden to become the best College in the school, and I feel that we are well on our way to achieving this status. We have improved our attendance, been successful in inter-college and shown excellent resilience and motivation to become the best. I have appointed a number of new College Captains this term and I am very excited to introduce them all.
Mrs Denny
Head of College

Meriden College Captains


Our College Captain’s wanted to say a few words;

‘Hello, this is your College Captain, Ramen, from M2. I am just like anyone who is reading this, so I want you guys to see someone who you can relate to, who just happens to be College Captain due to his love for Meriden.

I plan on taking this job seriously to meet the standards that have been set by those before me, and hopefully you guys can help me out with that. You can do this by coming to see if you have any problems so that I can help you to resolve them. I am really looking forwards to be working with you guys and hope that the feeling is mutual’
Ramen, M2

‘Becoming a College Captain, I want to bring more motivation and positive attitudes towards Meriden. I want to bring the best in all the hardworking students in our College, ensuring Meriden stays the best and students are satisfied with the results’.

I look forward to working with the College Captains throughout the year, and hearing new ideas!
Jasdeep, M10

Media Team
Our Media Team are a huge part of the College. They will be required to attend Inter-College competition, write match reports, organise the web page, interview staff and students, and contribute towards the Pulse Magazine. They are Maya, Ramen, Ajay and Sarina.

Senior Students
We are also privileged enough to have a number of Senior Students in our College again this year. This is a tremendous achievement and successful students had to go through rigorous interviews and various team-building activities. Well done to all students that applied, and to those that have been chosen.

Sporting Success
We have some new Sports Captains this year, as well as some more experienced ones. Old or new, our Sports Captains have done a great job in organising teams this term, and Meriden College have been represented in every Inter-collegiate competition so far. The effort and enthusiasm from the sports teams has been amazing, and I congratulate all that have participated. Huge congratulations to the Year 7 football team, who have won their first ever inter-collegiate competition this term. Keep it going Meriden!

£5 Challenge
Each tutor group was given £5 and the challenge was to raise as much money as possible. Activities ranged from setting up a tuck shop, to ‘pieing’ teachers in the face, to cup stacking. Students and staff put in lots of effort and the winning tutor group raised over £200 from just £5. A huge well done to everyone involved. 


Year 7 Meriden Club
After school on a Wednesday, students in Year 7 from Meriden have been attending a new club set up just for them. The Meriden Team Building Club is run in the leisure area and students have been getting involved in many different team building activities. In lessons and around school you will have heard the word ‘LORIC’. This club gives students the chance to develop those 5 key skills - Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative & Communication. So how do they do this?

Students have been demonstrating and developing these skills in different ways. They’ve used their communication skills in several different games such as splat, they have used their organisation and leadership skills in team blindfold games and have used their resilience and initiative in the spider web game, where they have to get the whole team through the web using each hole only once!

Here’s what some students have said about the club…

“I really enjoy going to the Meriden Club. We play lots of different games like splat & jigsaw. We learn about working as a team and I get to meet other Year 7’s from Meriden that i have not met before.”
Zahra M10

“The Meriden after school club has been great so far. I have met new people and played fun games. We have also worked on our team building skills.”
Shahan M4 

Miss O’Sullivan/ Mrs Edwards

Finally, thank you to all the staff and students in Meriden College who have continued to try their best in making Meriden become the best College in the school. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Denny
Head of Meriden College

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