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posted Oct 22, 2014, 12:47 AM by J Grant   [ updated Jan 7, 2019, 3:17 AM ]

Just over two years ago when I first started my role as Head of College, my vision was to become the best College in the school.  We have been going from strength to strength and have started the Academic year as College Champions.  

This is a tremendous achievement for us all, and we could not have done it without hard work, belief and motivation.  I am extremely proud to be part of Meriden College, as we continue to make progress and not give up.  I truly believe that we all make mistakes from time to time, however, we need to learn from those mistakes and make changes.  Meriden College continues to have a special space in my heart, and I look forward to the future.

I would also like to welcome all the new Year 7 students.  They have all settled in extremely well and already I can see some budding College Captains or Head Boy/Girl in the future.  They have made a great start in their Inter-college fight for success and I am looking forward to seeing more achievements in the future.  Here is what a few of our students had to say;

‘I felt a little scared at first because I was used to being one of the eldest, now I’m the youngest.  My time here has been fun and my favourite lessons are Art and Maths.  I have made many more friends than I thought I would make’ (Leya).

‘I have met some amazing and caring teachers at Holyhead.  My favourite lesson is Maths.  So far my time has been great as I have made lots of friends.  It’s great, you have more chances and it is outstanding.’ (Paramjot).

I hope they continue to enjoy their time at Holyhead School.

Mrs Denny
Head of College

Meriden College Captains

This year, I have appointed a number of new College Captains and I am very excited to introduce them all.  They have big boots to fill following last year’s Captains, but I am certain they will live up to the College expectations.

Our College Captain’s wanted to say a few words to introduce themselves to you all;

Becoming College Captain is a real privilege for me because as College Captain I know I have big responsibilities and I know how I can deal with them. I want to bring more motivation and positive attitudes to Meriden College, and to bring the best out of our students so we, Meriden College will continue to be the best.’

Harpreet M3

Being a College Captain to me means that I’m representative of my college, which is highly appreciated and dignified, not only amongst teachers but friends as well. Moreover, I think it also develops a kind of responsibility and confidence within me. I feel that being College Captain will further assist me in my academic career of having leadership qualities that make me different from others. I will try to make changes that favour the majority of the population (Meriden) would like to see and make the College a better, stronger community.’ 

Nasir M1

Hello, I’m your new Vice-Captain Ashaunti from M8. I am trying to make Meriden an even better College (which is basically impossible), but I would like to motivate everyone in the College to participate and to just be comfortable in our College. I would like for everyone to trust us. I am very excited to be working with the College and can’t wait for what is next for all of us.’

Ashaunti M8

This is Vishal, Meriden’s Vice College Captain, and I want to say it is an honour to be representing my College. I would like to be an inspiration to people who think you can not achieve such a thing like this while you are in Year 7 or 8. Well, I would say it took a lot of courage to achieve this but it also took love and greatness from me for my College. I want you guys to achieve the best by winning the College shield again this year, but this year I want Meriden to win it on our own. I hope you guys want the same. I want to work with you guys to the best of my ability. I will take my role very seriously and if you have any problems come and talk to me or the other Vice College or College Captains and we will sort them out’

Vishal M6

I look forward to working with the College Captains throughout the year, and hearing their new ideas to take the College forward!  Watch this space.

Media Team

I have also interviewed and appointed new students to become part of our Media Team.  They will be required to attend Inter-College competitions, write match reports, organise the web page, interview staff and students, and contribute towards the Pulse Magazine.  They are Paramjot, Suheb, Satvinder, Miya, Leya and Bhavnisha.  They would like to introduce and welcome a number of new staff to the College.

So as many of you know I love the Performing Arts and another thing that I do within the Performing Arts is sing. I have been singing in bands for the past ten years and love to perform. One of my dislikes is McDonald’s breakfast! Ew!’

M1 - Ms Percy

My name is Ms Cheema and I have been teaching Spanish for four years. I started learning Spanish when I was in Year 8 and continued to do so up to degree level, as part of my degree I lived and worked in Madrid for a year which was amazing. My favourite things in life are fashion, chocolate, coca-cola and spending time with my parents.’

CM3 - Ms Cheema

I’m a Man Utd fan. I teach English and a bit of Media Studies. Massive Harry Potter fan.’

M5 - Ms Aziz

am the Director of Learning for Science and make decisions on the science courses we run in school with the help of all the wonderful science teachers and technicians. I have been at Holyhead for four years but this is my first year in Meriden college as a Year 11 tutor. I was amazed at how well Meriden succeeded in winning the College championship last year and feel so proud to be chosen to be part of the best college at Holyhead. Go Meriden!’

11I - Mrs Smith

Senior Students

This year we have the largest number of Senior Students in our College.  This is another tremendous achievement for our College and successful students had to go through rigorous interviews and various team-building activities.  Well done to all students that applied, and to those that have been chosen, you have made us proud.  In fact two of our College Captains last year have gone one step further this year and Jasdeep was successful in becoming the Head girl, with Gurveer and Natasha becoming Deputy Head boy/girl.  What an outstanding achievement and testament to the calibre of students we have in Meriden College.

Sporting Success

Massive well done to all the students who were successful in becoming a Sports Captain this year.  They have already showcased their Leadership skills by organising two Inter-College events.  So far the Year 7 girls team have won the football intercollege, with the Year 8 girls finishing in third place and the Year 9 girls finishing in second.  In boys rugby, the Year 7 and 9 team finished in second place.  In netball, the Year 8 team finished in second and the Year 9 were winners.  In basketball, the Year 9 boys also finished in second place and the Year 8 team finished in third.  I would like to congratulate all students that took part and represent their college.  Well done.

‘The Year 7’s Inter-College rugby was very productive and powerful, and also very enjoyable. I’m pretty sure that everyone had a blast and did their best for their college. The Meriden team worked very well together as well as the others.  In the boy’s team, there were 6 or 5 people working together to play against other Colleges, scoring goals and helping us to truly be the best college in Holyhead. There were an endless amount of excitement and loads of encouragement from others and we finished in 2nd in boys’ rugby and 1st in girls’ football.’


Paramjot  M3

Finally, thank you to all the staff and students in Meriden College who have contributed to making Meriden the best College in the school.  We have made a positive start to the Academic year, keep up the good work.

Mrs Denny
Head of College