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posted Oct 22, 2014, 12:47 AM by J Grant   [ updated Jun 18, 2018, 2:18 AM ]
I’d like to start by saying a huge congratulations to Meriden College for bringing home the College shield at Presentation Evening this year. Meriden has never won the College shield before so what an amazing achievement and privilege it was to win it this year! When I first started as Head of College two years ago, it was my vision for Meriden College to be the best college in the school. With hard work, determination and commitment we did it. I am immensely proud of all of the students in the college and want to say well done, and thank you. Congratulations to Oswestry who share the shield with us also.
  • What did we achieve?
  • Winners of Inter-College
  • Winners of Motivation scores
  • Second in attendance
  • Second in achievement
  • Third in myPoints
I would also like to say well done to all of the students who took part in the Presentation Evening, those that won an award, and those that performed. It was a spectacular evening and one I shall never forget. Congratulations to the following students:

Year 7 - Joy M13
Year 8 - Arron M3
Year 9 - Miya M2
Year 10 - Natasha M3
Year 11 - Jaspreet M7
Enrichment - Ashaunti M8, Gurveer M14
Principal Award - Jasdeep M4

These students all received the College award for each Year group at Presentation Evening. All students chosen are very deserving winners and have achieved excellent results throughout the year. Keep up the good work and well done. 

Mrs Denny
Head of Meriden College

Inter-Form Competition

Meriden Form Representatives have been meeting weekly to improve competition between Tutor groups. The group decided that the Connect 4 challenge would encourage students to compete against other year groups within their Tutor group, and would be a good competition to carry out during Tutor Time. As a result, each Tutor group have been competing in the Connect 4 challenge. The winners of each Tutor group will play against one another and the overall winner will become Meriden College Connect 4 Champion. Results to follow in the next edition. Save the Children fundraising

I would like to thank the College Captains for organising Christmas Jumper day on the last day of the Autumn term to raise money for Save the Children.

‘Christmas Jumper day was an amazing experience to host this year. It brought Holyhead and Meriden great pride as all colleges helped and worked together to raise a lot of money for Save the Children charity during Christmas. Holyhead family were very generous and donated to this cause. Staff and students wore Christmas jumpers which got us all into the holiday spirit. Thank you for your contributions as they were a tremendous help for those in need. Altogether we raised £188.92.’

Jasdeep M4 - College Captain
Natasha M13 - Vice Captain 

Edge Ambassadors

The PiXLEdge programme at Holyhead is designed to support and focus the development of students not only as independent learners, but confident young people preparing them for the next challenge in their lives – be that Higher or Further Education, or first-time employment. The Edge framework gives students the opportunity to develop five key life attributes through a series of targeted activities and challenges. From employer findings, the following five attributes were identified as key to success - Our LORIC Values (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative & Communication). 

Nikyah has recently become the first student at Holyhead to complete the programme. Mr.Trafford presented Nikyah with a certificate in assembly and spoke about how effectively and inspirationally she has demonstrated the LORIC values in order to become an Edge Apprentice. Nikyah has used her LORIC values for many of the tasks she chose to complete, from delivering role-play sessions about bullying to leading discussion in Tutor Time about a variety of different topics. Nikyah has now moved on to the next level of the Edge programme and has begun working well on the Graduate stage. The Meriden ambassadors are working hard towards their targets and Saqib M8 is getting very close to completing the Apprentice programme too. Keep up the hard work Meriden!

Spelling Bee

Each Tutor group took part in the Spelling Bee competition organised by Mrs Daya. Students really enjoyed the competitive nature of the competition and were extremely supportive of one another.

The competition was rife, however, congratulations to the following students who got through to the semi-finals; Alyssia, Satvindher, Ali, Anhar, Snaiha, Kevell, Hamzah and Olivia. Many congratulations to Sabir who represented Meriden College in the final. Another proud moment for Meriden College.

Mrs Denny
Head of Meriden College