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posted Oct 22, 2014, 1:03 AM by J Grant   [ updated Jun 18, 2018, 3:21 AM ]

A huge congratulations to all students in Oswestry, what a fantastic term we have had! To be crowned Champion College for the fifth consecutive year is an outstanding achievement.

This year we shared the glory with Meridan, Oswestry would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all Meridan students who have made a fantastic come back to become a Champion College.

This year Champion College was closer than ever before. This Year’s College Shield was judged on Attendance, Achievement, Attainment, Motivation, Inter-College and myPoints. Oswestry won the awards for Attendance, Achievement and Attainment together with myPoints. The Achievement and Attainment award is a huge accolade for Oswestry! It was our target to retrieve this Award from Edgware and we managed to do it! This is such a fantastic achievement because it just goes to show how dedicated Oswestry students are in terms of revising and being successful in their assessments. It is just fantastic that most Oswestry students are achieving or exceeding their expected grades. Well done to our fantastic College Captain’s Kishan O10 and Manpreet O6 for going up on stage and collecting the awards.

Since myPoints have been introduced it has become clear that Oswestry students were shining stars. Week after week we have been the College at the top of the Leaderboard so thank you for your hard work and dedication with this. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the top 5 students who have achieved the most myPoints this term; Thahsin O2, Antonio O14, Tanish O14, Isatou O14 and Alishba O10. Well done to O1 who were given the most myPoints this term, fantastic!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the Oswestry students who performed at the awards ceremony, it was brilliant to see so many students up on stage. Well done to Romiqua O11 and Troy O12 who were involved in almost every performance. Other outstanding performers included Damisha O4, Yashanna O6, Tamzin O10, Jaskaranpreet O7, and Aya O7, Dante O1, Anika O12, Kamni O9 and many more.

Even though we are champions there is always room for improvement! This year it is essential we strive to achieve the Inter-College award again. Sports Day is just around the corner so if we come first place in that we will be off to a flying start. We also need to work hard to ensure we are 100% motivated so we need to remember our LORIC values and demonstrate these in all that we do. I hope that we can win all five of the awards next year!

Oswestry’s Edge Ambassadors have been fantastic this half term. They have really been working hard with Mr. Mills to complete the Edge Programme. They have started to take on more responsibility in Tutor time and are attending our weekly meeting to write up the things they have achieved that week. Aya 07, in Year 7, was the first student in Oswestry to complete the Apprentice level of the programme. To complete this level, she needed to complete two tasks for each of the LORIC values. The tasks she set for herself ranged from leading a warm-up session in a PE lesson to speaking in assembly in front of all of the students in Oswestry. Her certificate will be awarded to her in assembly by Mr. Trafford and we are hoping to give out many more in the next few weeks.

‘I’m In Oswestry Get Me Out Of Here’ was a fantastic event. It really brought the College together the competitors were fantastic. Read more about this on the BBC School Report page. This terms Inter-Form competition is Celebrity Egg Heads...who will be crowned champion? 

Tutor Time 

O2 have really enjoyed the Numeracy World Cup this term here is their story I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Numeracy World Cup’ challenge. We worked in teams during Tutor Time. We had to remain resilient throughout the task. The questions were shared between the groups so that we could complete the task efficiently and accurately. My group won and I had to present my answers to the rest of the Tutor Group.
Tanvir O2

Presentation Evening

Presentation Evening is an event that I look forward to all year round I like to call myself an Oswestry Patriot because every single year the most important thing to me is that we win the College Shield again. Although I take part in many performances I still find it important to congratulate and help the students who are taking part in the evening. This year I would like to particularly congratulate Philip 13D and Duc 11C 8 for the amazing performance with the Vietnamese Dragon dance also Troy for joining me in the Gospel Choir, Acapella, Burning Bird, Bhangra and Dhole, African Brazilian and Drumming, Steel pan and Hacker.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Tyler C7 for taking a lead in Steelpan and Amrit C9 for being an inspirational person by constantly improving himself and putting his all into his performances.
Romiqua 011

Mrs Marnell - Head of Oswestry College

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