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posted Oct 22, 2014, 1:03 AM by J Grant   [ updated Jan 7, 2019, 3:15 AM ]
Oswestry Update Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to the Oswestry Pulse Autumn 2018. I hope you have all enjoyed your first term of the 2018-2019 school year. I’d like to firstly congratulate the new year 7 students in Oswestry who have made a fantastic start to their life at Holyhead and have been working hard towards achieving lots of My Points and achieving some superb results in their first PPE’s.

This term Oswestry has been on a journey. We have massively turned things around in terms of our attendance, going from 4th place for the whole of September and October to first place in November and December. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us turn this around, I’m very proud of you all.

I’d also like to Congratulate you all on gaining lots of positive MyPoints and the second lowest number of negatives after Corwen. We are currently third for My Points overall and remember My Points help determine who wins the College Shield so in January when they are reset let's have a massive push to make sure we are top of My Points like last year.

It is a little disappointing that we are currently third in terms of inter-college. It is crucial we pull it together next term and try and win every event if we stand a chance of winning the college shield for inter-college. I know with our fantastic sports captains we will be able to pull through and get the points we need to beat the other colleges.

In terms of our academic achievement, we need to have a big push on getting the best grades, last presentation evening we managed to achieve the award for Attainment. If we all put 100% effort into our lessons I know we will achieve and many of us exceed our target grades.

Oswestry embrace the EDGE

Oswestry college Form Tutors have been working hard every Thursday and Friday to deliver the EDGE programme to all the students. A special well done goes to Tanish Lal O5 for achieving the Edge Ambassador of the term. Another massive well done goes to Nikita Verma 11J for completing her Apprenticeship level of the course.

New College Line-Up

This year competition for College Captain was hotter than ever. There were over 20 entries which just goes to show how compassionate and enthusiastic you are about our College. The speeches in the assembly were all of high quality but in the end, 4 students came out on top; Novaldo Sanderson O6 and Jasmine Kumar 11L (College Captain’s) and (Emmanuelle Fuller-Broomes O3 ) and Abhijeet Singh O3) Vice Captains. Well done to everyone who took part especially the year 7 students who showed confidence and strong leadership skills, they delivered some of the best speeches in the assembly.

Sports Captains
Our New College Captains

I’m Jasmine. I am the college captain of Oswestry this year and I am extremely proud of taking this role. This wonderful opportunity of leading such an amazing college will give me an experience of how it feels like to be working with people trying to reach towards their goals and ways of how we can improve for the better with our ideas and plans.

I am passionate and determined when working towards targets and I’m pretty certain that by working together we can become champion college as we have been in the past year and this year is no doubt that it will happen! I love communicating with people and knowing what they feel like should be changed as it gives me a better understanding of what every individual wants to obtain rather than making decisions myself.

I’m looking forward to working with members of staff and Oswestry as a whole to make the champion college a better college than is today.

Jasmine Kumar 11L

My name is Norvaldo, I’m one of Oswestry’s College Captain’s. I’m really happy to be College Captain. Even though I’m in Year 7 I feel that I have what it takes to make a difference and make sure Oswestry stay College Champions in 2019. I’m hardworking and caring and will listen to people and help students to be successful.

Norvaldo Sanderson O6

Inter-Form Competition

Inter-form Competition- I’m in Oswestry...Get Me out of here. As the new series launched on ITV in November, we thought why not try our own challenges to see what the students of Oswestry are really made of! Did they have the nerves of steel? Were they crazy/ tough enough to be crowned king or queen of Oswestry?

Until next time

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and congratulations once again on keeping our Champion College status with excellent attendance. Onwards and Upwards! Let’s work super hard and support each other to make sure we keep the Shield in April and beat all the other colleges! I know you can do it!

Mrs Marnell