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posted Oct 22, 2014, 1:03 AM by J Grant   [ updated Jul 17, 2018, 2:10 AM ]
What a fantastic spring term it has been for Oswestry. We have really stepped up in terms of participating in inter-college and Sports Day. We really pulled it out of the bag and were crowned joint champions on Sports Day.

Sports Day

It was a fantastic day with over 60 students participating for our College it just really showed how dedicated you are to helping Oswestry be the most successful College in the school. I would like to thank everybody who took part in the events and everyone who cheered the Oswestry students on. It was great to see so many Oswestry banners being held by students it showed great team spirit. A massive thank you goes to Emmanuelle O12 for helping to get students to participate in Sports Day during Assembly. Also a massive thank you to Sports Captains for helping organise the teams.

Well done to Year 10’s who came in second place overall. Fantastic performances came from Tadiwa O9, Levi O14 and Kahirah. Massive congratulations to Year 9 who came first place overall again, some outstanding performances from Alexian O1, Emmanuelle O12, Muntaha O14, Romiqua O11 and Malaiqa O6. Year 8 did really well too, they came second overall, with great performances from Mozaya O7 and Haniah O1. Year 7 also did really well on their first Sports Day, Oswestry’s top performers were Safirah O5 and Mamadou O5, well done to everyone who took part.

So overall we came joint first with our closest competitors Mighty Meriden. In September we need to make sure we stay strong with our inter-college teams and make sure we have full teams out for every event. We do not want to come in at 4th place for inter-college overall again, so make sure we get teams out!

Other news

I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kimani and Kahirah who took part in a Dance World Cup Event this June in Spain. They were won Bronze in the end, what a fantastic achievement!

Pixl Edge

Well done to Mohammed O3 who has achieved his Apprentice Level Award in assembly this term. Anhar has been working particularly well with his programme and he has improved his LORIC values and shared his new knowledge with the other Pixl Edge Ambassadors and his Tutor group.


Oswestry are top of positive myPoints again this term we have been outstanding in receiving positive myPoints this term we have over 3000 more than the other College’s. Oswestry’s top achievers are Antonio O14 who is over 200 myPoints ahead of the other Oswestry students. Other top achievers are Tanish, O14, Jagoda O9, Sarah O9, Zeenat O8, Thahsin O2, Hana O1, Priyanka O2 and Micky O8. Keep up the positives in September, well-done everyone for your hard work

Moving forward

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and congratulations once again on being College Champions 2017-2018. Onwards and Upwards! Let’s work super hard and support each other to make sure we keep the Shield next year and beat all the other Colleges in attendance, inter-college, motivation, attainment and myPoints. Overall a great year Oswestry, stay safe this summer, see you all in September.

Mrs Marnell