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Royal Marines Education Awareness Team Event

posted Jan 28, 2016, 11:50 PM by J Grant   [ updated Jul 3, 2018, 6:55 AM ]
On Tuesday 19th June the RM EAT team were in school to carry out some work with Food and Nutrition and BTech Sports students. The day started with a presentation in the studio to all students.

Commander Sergeant Mike Beaton used food as a tool to discuss a range of issues with the students such as nutrition, career choices, food for combat, energy drinks and mental health. He was also able to share his own life experiences of his time with the Royal Marines. Accompanying Mike, was was his colleague Shaun. He discussed with the students his experience of being posted and the body armour, tools and equipment that they used.

Mike and Shaun then delivered practical workshops to Year 9 and 10 Hospitality and Catering groups, respectively. Mike recapped on the importance of a healthy balanced diet, and the types of food needed when participating in physical activity or when entering combat. Whilst discussing this, he demonstrated a simple dish that would tick all of the boxes. Students then went into the kitchen and prepared this for themselves, demonstrating a range of food preparation techniques that they had learned in lessons. Mike and Shaun both circulated the class answering the range of questions put them.

On completion of the chicken and vegetable dish, Mike discussed the 24 hour ration packs that the marines are given when in combat. It was amazing to see the types of foods that they were provided with. Everything they were given with had a calorific value, the meals were all dehydrated so when made up they would just eat out of the foil packet. Students asked how come they were given sweets if they’re unhealthy. It turned out that often they would give these away to children who interacted with them whilst on patrol. The ration pack also contained some luxury items e.g. hot chocolate, to remind them of home or take their mind off some of the horrific scenes that they had encountered.

Another of the practical activities that the students were engaged in was making breakfast smoothies. This led to a whole discussion around the importance of breakfast, for everyone and an easy way of incorporating fruit, vegetables, and dairy was to drink breakfast smoothies. Students were given the opportunity to sample these too. In additon to this the sugar content of energy drinks was discussed. The students were shocked to discover that a can of Monster drink contains as much as twenty four cubes of sugar!

All of the activites Mike and Shaun delivered has the students engrossed, and prompted a range of sensible and thought provoking questions. Everyone who feedback enjoyed the day and we hope to get Mike back in again. But we would also like to send our good wishes to Shaun, who will be leaving the Marines at the end of September to take up a Project Management job in construction.