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Natural History Museum

posted Jul 13, 2018, 1:27 AM by J Grant
On Thursday 10th May 2018 the Humanities department took some students on an exciting trip to the Natural History Museum in London for a reward for working exceptionally well for the whole year. It was an amazing experience seeing and learning, and also how we came to learn all about the ancient dinosaurs.

When we first arrived at the museum we were all amazed at the grand, beautiful building and even more amazed at what was in it. As we stepped inside we saw an astonishing skeleton of one of my favourite animals a giraffe. Its long, majestic neck contained so many bones! The first thing we did was watch an interesting show called Rocks the House organised by the Natural History Museum. It was really fascinating learning about the earth and really funny when some of the students volunteered to help.

After that, we went around the museum seeing breathtaking animals and volcanoes. My favourite part was when we experienced an earthquake with the floor shaking and the objects in the rooms rattling, it was very nerve-racking but fun. Also, I loved the part where we went into the red zone elevator, that was so stunning. It was such a great trip as we got to experience things we probably wouldn’t have done like seen the enormous dinosaur fossils and mammals.

Overall it was one of the best trips I have been on as it was a spectacular, sensational and mind-blowing experience. I hope there will be more trips like this that are educational and entertaining. Thank you to all the Humanities teachers that organised such an incredible trip.

By Kiran C1