Students can access the StudentPortal by clicking on this link.  Students must login to the StudentPortal using their school username (school email) and password.

Students MUST log their COVID-19 Home test 
results using this form

Covid 19 Lateral Flow Testing whilst fasting in Ramadan

After liaising with local mosques for guidance and clarification, the school has been advised lateral flow testing will not break or affect the fast in any way. We hope this information will reassure you to continue testing your child and uploading results on a Monday and Thursday.

If you continue to have reservations with testing whilst fasting, the school urges both parents and students to seek further clarification from their local mosque. An alternative option is to carry out the Lateral Flow Test between the hours of Iftar.

FSM Vouchers for the Easter holidays

We are pleased to share that Birmingham City Council is continuing to provide free school meal vouchers for eligible families for the Easter holidays. However, the chosen supplier to administer the vouchers is Sodexo therefore the process will differ slightly. ECheque and validation codes will be distributed by the school via Arbor during the week commencing 22nd March 2021.

Using the VoucherShop eCheque and validation code you should exchange these for supermarket eVouchers on . Vouchers are valid up to 17th June 2021.

Please follow the link for a useful guide: How To Use Your eCheque and eVouchers Birmingham City Council.pdf

The school will continue to distribute vouchers using Wonde - School Vouchers, for eligible students for periods of self isolation.