Statement on 29 September 2020

Following independent public health advice, we have asked 30 year 11 students to self-isolate as a precautionary measure. This was following confirmation that a student tested positive following the onset of symptoms last Thursday. The student did not return to school after becoming symptomatic. Official guidance identifies the two calendar days before the onset of symptoms as ‘infectious’. We have used an agreed definition of ‘contacts’ to select those who were at the greatest risk of transmission. This included social contacts and students sat within close proximity during lessons that took place during the infectious period. None of the current contacts have currently developed COVID-19 symptoms.

We continue to work with the Department for Education, the NHS and Public Health England to monitor the situation and our current assessment of risk is that education can continue for all other staff and students.

We are also supporting students and families in order to ensure learning continues but most importantly, that students are safe.

We have written to all parents and are happy to provide ongoing advice and support via our Student Support team. We would like to take this time to thank the community for their continual adherence to our routines, policies and procedures.

Ross Trafford, Principal

Early closure for emergency Teacher Training on Remote Learning
Wednesday 30th September Period 3

Further to the letter sent out on Arbor last week on Thursday 22nd September about the need for contingency measures including enhanced training for teachers to enable the provision of live lessons via Zoom in the event of year group closures, all year groups will be finishing early on Wednesday 30th September. Students will be leaving the school site using their normal entrance/exit gates during, or at the end of Period 3 to facilitate staggered exits for the year groups at the following times:
  • Year 8/9 will leave the school site at 12.25pm
  • Years 7/11/13 will leave the school site at 1.10pm
  • Year 10/12 will leave the school site at 1.40pm
Students on Free School Meals will still be able to collect lunch before they leave.

Open Evening 2020