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Free school meal vouchers for eligible students starting 5th January 2021

Further to government guidance the free school voucher entitlement will amount to £3 per day. An additional voucher has been generated for the value of £5.40 to cover the shortfall for the week commencing 5th January 2021 and 11th January 2021. Vouchers up to February half term will be distributed on a fortnightly basis.

Queries can be sent to: enquiry@holyheadschool.org.uk

How do I login and view my vouchers?

If you haven't already done so you will need to create an account on the SchoolVoucher website.  This can be done from the email that was sent to you.

Please read the following article for more information:-

I need more help?
If you need further help please check out the link below for other frequently asked questions:-

Free school meal vouchers for eligible students over the Christmas Holidays

A £30 free school meal voucher has now been distributed to Parents/Carers for each eligible student to cover the two week Christmas holiday period.

Birmingham City Council has chosen to use Edenred as the preferred voucher supplier. Instructions on how to redeem vouchers can be found using the links below:

Parent/carer FAQs

Select Grocery visual user guide

Please check to ensure you are in receipt of your voucher code and redeem this immediately.

Having checked spam/junk folders by searching for the word Edenred, if you are not in receipt of your voucher please contact the school no later than 12 noon on Friday 18th December 2020. Any voucher related queries after this date will be actioned from Monday 4th January 2021.

Queries can be sent to: enquiry@holyheadschool.org.uk