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The contact list below will enable you to reach the correct person. Form Tutors should be the point of contact for student support based enquiries. If the Form Tutor is not available, your child’s Head of Year will be able to assist.

Year 7 – Mr A Khan
Year 8 – Mrs S Parker
Year 9 – Mrs T Edwards
Year 10 – Mr E Smith
Year 11 – Ms K Phillips
Year 12 – Mr K Khan
Year 13 – Ms Z Gordon

Complaints, if they qualify, must be addressed directly to the Principal, Mr Ross Trafford. You will be sent a Complaints Form by his Personal Assistant, Ms J Bent. The Principal will then acknowledge and respond to your complaint as described in our Complaints Policy. Work will be undertaken at the initial stage to distinguish a concern from a complaint.

    Key Contacts

    General Enquiries


    Mr R Trafford

    Chair of Governors

    Mr D Bradley

    Safeguarding Enquiries

    DSL Lead

    Mrs D Denny


    Ms K Robinson

    Ms R Percy

    Request for Paper Copies

    Parents and Carers can now request paper copies of all documentation
    viewed on this website: e-mail:

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