In Drama lessons, students have been exploring the social injustice system, looking at human rights and opportunities, through a variety of skills and exploratory strategies. Students will develop and devise a short piece to perform for a target audience of their choice, from a given stimulus using an appropriate dramatic style. We explore content around, ‘When They See Us’, ‘Small Island’, George Floyd and poems like ‘No Problem’ by Benjamin Zephaniah and poem and Maya Angelou’s, ‘Still I Rise’.

‘In Drama lessons, we have been studying the Black Lives Matter movement and how black people have experienced discrimination and are stereotyped by other races. We have explored equality in modern day society. We have used verbatim theatre to perform stories of current black people like, Cephas Williams. In lessons, I have learnt more about the George Floyd situation through multiple techniques which I have enjoyed and used my imagination.’    

Jaskaran 9B

“Black people go through this everyday and it’s not fair!!”

‘This was a quote I used in my drama performance. I feel like our school is one where we work together to support each other.’

Weronika, 9F

‘In Drama lessons, we have been exploring Cephas Williams. He is an artist who wrote a letter to his unborn son following on from the George Floyd incident. He wrote the letter to show his son the world we are living in and hopes for a better world when his son is older. We have learnt new techniques in drama such as tableau, verbatim theatre, marking the moment and much more. Through these techniques I have really enjoyed rehearsing and acting it out.’

Subhan 9C