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  • a truly delightful experience from beginning to end for the Careers Fair today, enthusiastic students and helpful, welcoming staff. look forward to working with you all again in the future.

  • The Morgan Stanley team thoroughly enjoyed working on a sustainability project with the Holyhead Year 7 students. We were really impressed by the their attitude, enthusiasm and creativity! We are very grateful to each member of staff that gave their time and energy to make the project a success – we were made to feel really welcome and it is greatly appreciated. We are very much looking forward to the next sessions with the students.

  • I have visited Holyhead on a number of occasions over the last three months and have been impressed by the strong relationships that exist between the Staff and the students. There is a positive ethos built on a collaborative approach where the staff work hard to get the very best from the students in terms of progress and performance, whilst the students demonstrate close camaraderie. It has always been a pleasure to visit the school.

  • It was a privilege to visit Holyhead yesterday in my role as School Improvement Partner.. I was fortunate to be hosted by leaders and staff who are committed to providing the best education for the children they serve. I enjoyed visiting a range of Year 11 lessons to see the students preparing for their next set of exams; I wish them well

  • Thank-you for such a well co-ordinated and organised visit from Central Region Schools Trust. It was good to meet and openly talk about school improvement with so many leaders and have such honest reflective conversations. It was also wonderful to see the students who are a credit to the school. Their behaviour was excellent throughout the day and students were courteous and happy to talk about the school and their learning- a real credit to you and clearly a lovely culture has been developed over time.
    I look forward to picking up on some of the threads we discussed and working collaboratively with you.

  • We at Birmingham City Mission were very impressed with the school. Our visits were very well organised by Abida Khatun and we were well looked after. The students behaved well and engaged well with the sessions we delivered and contributed and listened well to the presentation. We look forward to continuing the relationship with Holyhead school and we thank the staff for their welcome and for the partnership we have.

  • It was indeed a pleasure for me to be invited to participate in the Remembrance Service at Holyhead School. It is a wonderful initiative that you have initiated and should be encouraged by other schools to remind and educate our youngsters of the past so that they will hopefully be a better future through learning.

    Many thanks to staff and pupils for your hard work and endeavour in putting put on successful event. I truly believe that each year will be bigger better as we all make it our duty to remember those who serve.

    lest We Forget.

  • Dear All,

    Thank you for having me in to run training with your staff. I have the pleasure and privelege of visiting many schools from all around the country, and I was genuinely impressed by the deep level of desire, dedication and thought that you all put in to helping the lives of your students.

    In terms of my area of work, cognitive science, I fully believe that you are ahead of the curve on this and it was a pleasure to play a small part in what you are doing.

    Thanks again for the warmth and hospitality you showed in hosting me.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to your school. Please thank the staff I was introduced to and especially Natalie who gave up her valuable time to be my tour guide.

    I was impressed with the standards of behaviour in the brief time I toured the school and as I mentioned to you, I thought the exit at the end of the day was calm, orderly and controlled.

    The brief visit to the RJ Conversations was interesting and demonstrated to some degree part of the challenge you face in getting all of your staff to achieve those high standards all the time. There were clearly some good productive conversations going on between the staff and the pupils; good body language, eye contact and a equitable conversation that seem to have positive results.

  • Pleasure being able to perform and talk with the students. Everyone was very welcoming and I had a great time !!

  • It was a pleasure to visit Holyhead on Wednesday, October 6. I was warmly welcomed by the staff in reception and was fortunate to then meet a range of staff and students, all of whom were rightly proud of their school. Visiting lessons was a treat as I was able to see some excellent teaching and great learning as a result. Well done to all!