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  • I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to your school. Please thank the staff I was introduced to and especially Natalie who gave up her valuable time to be my tour guide.

    I was impressed with the standards of behaviour in the brief time I toured the school and as I mentioned to you, I thought the exit at the end of the day was calm, orderly and controlled.

    The brief visit to the RJ Conversations was interesting and demonstrated to some degree part of the challenge you face in getting all of your staff to achieve those high standards all the time. There were clearly some good productive conversations going on between the staff and the pupils; good body language, eye contact and a equitable conversation that seem to have positive results.

  • Pleasure being able to perform and talk with the students. Everyone was very welcoming and I had a great time !!

  • It was a pleasure to visit Holyhead on Wednesday, October 6. I was warmly welcomed by the staff in reception and was fortunate to then meet a range of staff and students, all of whom were rightly proud of their school. Visiting lessons was a treat as I was able to see some excellent teaching and great learning as a result. Well done to all!