During our Mathematics lessons, we have researched and created work that is celebrating the success of Black Mathematicians. This activity provided me an opportunity to engage and reconnect with my culture. I learnt the difficulty and hardships faced by older generations in my community and this really made me appreciate the opportunity I am given to go to school. I will not take this for granted. 

I really enjoyed participating and delivering a short presentation to the class and displaying communication and leadership skills. I am looking forward to continuing Black History Month work in the future.

One of the things that I found most interesting was researching all the famous black mathematicians, especially finding out all of their important achievements in fields such as NASA. – Arissah 8G

I thought it was really interesting how in Black History Month, black mathematicians were not acknowledged just because of their skin colour, Benjamin Banneker is such an amazing mathematician and has accomplished so much in life and he wasn’t acknowledged for any of it – it’s time we celebrate all cultures, races and ethnicities for their achievements! Ayaan 7C