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May half-term 2024 update letter to parents/carers

Our Ref: DK/jh/gltr/may 24    

23rd May 2024

Dear Parent/Carer

I’m writing to you ahead of the school breaking up for the May half-term holidays to give you some advance notice of changes to school uniform expectations specific to the summer months of June and July. There is also information on the holiday revision sessions for Y11 and Y13 students to prepare for their exams and a reminder of the Preloved Uniform Shop and how you can support it if possible.

Preparing for warmer weather: Summer term uniform amendments
As we move towards the summer months of June and July, many schools are revisiting their uniform policy to look at a more bespoke approach in the Summer term. We are looking at this too for 2024-25, but in advance of the next half-term we will be making some minor tweaks to the uniform expectations in light of the expectation of consistently warmer temperatures. 

Blazers remain a compulsory part of the school uniform and must be worn around the school and in lessons. Teachers will permit students to remove their blazers in lessons due to room temperature and students should ask permission politely.  In the event of a spell of very warm weather, I will send confirmation to parents, teachers and students if blazers do not need to be worn.

Black jumpers are no longer allowed as these are seasonal items of uniform and should only be worn in the autumn / winter months.  Students wearing jumpers will be asked to remove these and/or they will be confiscated (students wearing jumpers are more likely to do this instead of wearing their blazer). 

The main change this summer is that teachers and students will not be expected to wear their tie in school.  This is not a weakening of expectations, but does provide some mitigation against warmer conditions.  Only the top button should be undone and the shirt must be tucked into trousers/skirts.  Ties will return to normal in September.

Students are also advised to leave winter coats at home or to wear lightweight coats.  Tracksuit tops or hoodies will continue to be confiscated as they have never been considered to be coats or part of the school uniform.  

Pre-loved Uniform: Can you help us to help others?
I will continue to provide a reminder about our Pre-loved Uniform shop in each of the upcoming monthly update letters.  This support comes from your generosity in donating items of uniform that are no longer needed and in good condition, which in turn is then washed and made available to families at very low prices. 

We continue to look for donations of blazers, ties, shirts, trousers and items of PE kit to help to provide supplies for families needing to use this service, and with Year 11 students finishing in June this is a great opportunity to support each other as part of a wider school community.  Donations can be made at the school reception or students can hand any bags with items to Senior Leaders or Heads of Year on duty at the start of the school day.

May half-term Revision Sessions - Y11/13
We are again hosting revision sessions for Y11/13 in a number of subjects over the May half-term holidays to support their preparation for the GCSE/A Level exams that continue at the start of June.  The sessions will be 2 hours long with morning sessions from 10am - 12 noon, and afternoon sessions from 12:30 - 2:30pm. The sessions will be running from Tuesday 28th - Friday 31st May (there are no sessions on Thursday 29th May).

Eid ul-Adha - June 2024
We are awaiting confirmation of the date when the majority of staff and students at Holyhead will be celebrating Eid ul-Adha in June, with the expectation that this will most likely fall on either Sunday 16th June or Monday 17th June. 

We will have certainty on this with the moon sighting 10 days in advance, so will be confirming plans with you for any year group closures if required at least a week ahead should this be on Monday 17th June.

Key upcoming dates and events in May/June

  • We will be breaking up for the May half-term holiday at 3:15pm on Friday 24th May, and will return to school at 8:40am on Monday 3rd June.
  • We are looking forward to celebrating the success and hard work of so many of our students at our annual Presentation Evening event at the Town Hall on Thursday 27th June from 6.30pm. With a late finish for many staff and students we will be having a delayed start on Friday 28th June with all students needing to arrive by 10.25am for a Period 2 start.

I thank you again for your time in reading this letter and as ever, I wish you and your family well over the half-term holiday. 

Yours faithfully,
Dave Knox

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