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June 2024 update letter to parents/carers

Our Ref: DK/jh/gltr/June 24    

3rd June 2024

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope you and your family are well. The focus of June’s letter is to look ahead to some key events during the final half-term this summer with a focus on:

  • Year 10/12 Mock exams in June and the Curriculum Review afternoon on Monday 1st July
  • Looking ahead to Presentation Evening on Thursday 27th June
  • Advance information on potential year group closures linked to Eid ul-Adha in mid-June
  • Sixth Form information - Y11 Induction Days and Y10 Post-16 Preparation days in July
  • Y6 Transition arrangements for early July
  • Key upcoming dates and events in June/July

Curriculum and Assessment: Year 10 & 12 Summer Mock Exams and Curriculum Review
Following on from the Key Stage 3 Summer Exams, the Summer Mock Exams for Year 10 and 12 students will be taking place from Monday 10th June. These exams will provide students and teachers with valuable insight into current areas of strengths and weaknesses as we move towards their examination year in September, and as such we are treating them with the significance of being based in our examination rooms using invigilators. 

On the back of the summer assessments, we will be holding our termly Curriculum Review meetings on Monday 1st July with students finishing earlier on that date at 12 noon, with remote learning set for the afternoon lesson. These meetings are extremely important with subject teams reviewing their curriculum as a whole from Y7-13 on, looking to make relevant adaptations and amendments in preparation for the new academic year in September, all with the intent of improving outcomes for students in the year ahead. As with all early finishes, students that are eligible for Free School Meals will be able to collect a lunch before leaving the school site.

Presentation Evening 2024 - Thursday 27th June
We will be holding the annual Presentation Evening Awards at Birmingham Town Hall on Thursday 27th June from 7pm. The event is a key feature of the school year, an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and achievements of a number of students across a wide range of subjects as well as through a variety of enrichment activities. It is also the showcase for many of our talented performers to demonstrate their collaborative work in the performing arts. 

As a result of the late finish of the event in the evening with many staff and students involved, there will be a delayed start to school on Friday 28th June, with students arriving at 10:30am for a Period 2 start. 

Eid-ul-Adha 2024
We are now finalising plans for Eid ul-Adha to ensure it is celebrated fully, but that the school functions effectively on the first day where the majority of staff and students who will be celebrating will be intending to take it as a day of religious observance. We will know the exact date by the end of this week with Sunday 16th June or Monday 17th June currently the most likely dates. As part of our planning ahead, over 30 staff, roughly equivalent to a quarter of our workforce, will likely be absent from school as a result of religious observance.

Following on from an assessment of available staffing we will make a decision on our approach in terms of whether year-group closures are needed as was the case with Eid-ul-Fitr in April, and this will be communicated separately in a letter early next week.

Sixth Form Update: Year 11 Induction Days and Post-16 Preparation Days for Year 10
As part of the Sixth Form programme and our Careers provision, we will see a return to work experience during the week beginning Monday 1st July. This year will see students in Year 12 off timetable for the week completing a variety of work experience activities, ranging from traditional work placements to virtual work experience placements and in-school social action projects where key work-related skills can be developed and demonstrated.

With Year 12 students off timetable for Work Experience week, we will be holding a 2-day Sixth Form Induction programme on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd July for those Year 11 students both from Holyhead and other schools who have applied to Holyhead Sixth Form. This will involve lessons in the specific subjects that have been opted for and team-building activities, all designed to help best prepare students for a smooth start to their Sixth Form studies in September. 

We have also revised our Post-16 careers and transition work for Year 10 with their Post-16 Preparation days taking place on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th July as opposed to their traditional place in the calendar in December of Year 11. These days will see Year 10 students also off their normal timetable and taking part in A Level / Level 3 taster lessons in subjects they have selected, and this will provide them with better awareness of the opportunities ahead of the Autumn Term where Sixth Form and College applications will become a priority.

Year 6 Transition Days in July
We will also be welcoming Year 6 students joining Holyhead in September for their Transition Days in July, a vital part of the transition programme to help our future students adjust to the change between primary and secondary school. On these days, to support the organisation and ensure the availability of key staff, we traditionally ask a different year group to work from home with remote learning provided by subject teachers. This will involve Year 7 students working from home on Wednesday 3rd July and Year 8 students working from home on Tuesday 9th July

Key upcoming dates and events in June / July

  • Presentation Evening takes place on Thursday 27th June from 7pm at Birmingham Town Hall, and there will be a delayed start to school for all students the following morning on Friday 28th June at 10:30am. 
  • Y7-13 Curriculum Review meetings will be held during the afternoon on Monday 1st July, with students leaving school that day at 12 noon after Period 2 lessons
  • Year 12 Work Experience week will take place from Monday 1st to Friday 5th July.
  • Year 11 Sixth Form Induction Days will take place on Tuesday 2nd July and Wednesday 3rd July.
  • Year 6 Transition Days will take place on Wednesday 3rd July and Tuesday 9th July.

I thank you once again for your time in reading this letter and as usual, I wish you and your family well over the coming weeks. 

Yours faithfully,
Dave Knox

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