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Welcome From The Principal

Holyhead is a forward looking, energetic school where our staff want to be the very best we can in our roles to support the young people whose futures we are fortunate to be entrusted with. Decision making is informed by evidence and research, and is rooted in integrity. We communicate with honesty and do things because we believe it is morally right. 

We benefit greatly from our place within The Central Region Schools Trust and our shared mission to achieve social justice is something our staff are passionate about. 

There is a magic to Holyhead that we strive to preserve, enhance and celebrate every day. There is a genuine commitment to listening and building relationships that underpins everything we do. We expect everyone to treat each other with respect, take responsibility for their actions and decisions and aspire to excellence in everything we do at the school.

Setting and upholding high expectations in all aspects of school life are essential to raising achievement and aspirations, whilst the importance of communicating positively and purposefully with parents and carers is clearly understood as a major factor in the best interests of every child.

Our staff are part of not only the school community, but the one that it serves in Handsworth. We show our care for the wellbeing and futures of the young people we work with through our words and actions every day.

Our students are full of character, they are vibrant, inquisitive and most importantly, they value the strong relationships they build with staff at the school. We don’t accept or excuse poor behaviour or manners, but we look to build opportunities for our young people to grow from the mistakes they make, taking responsibility for their learning and continued development whilst always looking to recognise and celebrate their successes at every chance we get.

Our students are entitled to a first-rate education. Our curriculum is a broad, balanced and inclusive one designed to reflect our diversity, ensuring that our students can learn and experience the best of all subject areas, whilst also reflecting the cultures and stories of our community as part of that. We Teach What Matters and through this approach we ensure our students experience a global curriculum with its heartbeat in Handsworth. 

It is also a curriculum with a high focus on reading, literacy and oracy and has a specific aim of providing an equity of opportunity so that disadvantaged students thrive.

Our subject curriculum design is driven by developing expert subject knowledge alongside skills to support thoughtful critical thinkers who can communicate ideas and thoughts with clarity.  Key to our curriculum vision is that pupils experience a wide range of cultural opportunities and materials and are encouraged to communicate and talk about their knowledge, thinking and learning.

This will enable them to prosper in a competitive world outside our walls. We promote and prioritise excellence, adults equipping students with the characteristics that are necessary for success in a rapidly changing society. We take great pride in our success at this with destinations figures that are significantly above national average as they move onto high quality courses at university, apprenticeships or in employment.

Regardless of destinations or outcomes though, we take even greater pride in the children of Holyhead who develop confidence and resilience to steer them towards a future where they will contribute positively to their families, the community and wider society. 

That is our mission, and it is one that all who work here share and commit our collective energy and passion to achieve.

Dave Knox

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