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SEND Support

There are four main areas under the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) umbrella. Support is structured in three layers, often referred to as the 'Waves of Intervention'. As a general rule, 'Wave 1' is a solid foundation in accessible teaching and learning. 'Wave 2' is group based interventions that support an underlying need, such as reading and spelling while 'Wave' 3 is a more 'specialist' or 1:1 programme. These sessions could be led by a member of the team or an external professional such as a Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT). 

Each area of need below outlines the levels of support available to our students. Access to this support comes through analysis of student progress, teacher / parent requests for investigation and medical diagnoses that impact learning, communication, accessibility or mental health.

Meet the Team

The SEND team at Holyhead School are passionate about every learner succeeding. Each member of staff has a specific skillset that compliments the vision of the SEND department. 

For more information about the SEND provision offered at Holyhead School please visit our SEND Support section on our ParentPortal

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