For BHM, we have planned and delivered a PowerPoint presentation that is based on the theme of ‘Proud to Be’.  Within the presentation, we firstly focused on the sporting achievements of Black athletes and sports people from our local community, paying close attention to Birmingham and the West Midlands. We emphasised how proud we should be of being from Birmingham and having been represented by these talented role models.

We then carried out some research around previous BAME students from Holyhead, who have excelled in a sporting career for themselves since leaving Holyhead School. We have has some excellent discussions about how these students have provided a positive example to all of us at Holyhead, and how they are an inspiration for all BAME students to have a dream and strive to pursue that dream.

Furthermore, we have focused on the fact that the Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham in 2022, and we have highlighted a number of the Great British Black athletes who will be taking part and the fantastic inspiration they set to every student across Holyhead, Birmingham, and the UK.