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End of Spring/Start of Summer Term Dates Update Letter

1 April 2022

Dear Parent/Carer

We hope you and your families are keeping well as we move towards the end of term. The purpose of this letter is to flag up some key dates and events for the remainder of this half-term and the summer term ahead. 

The upcoming events to be updated on include a Year 11 Parental Engagement Evening, the end of Spring term / start of Summer term arrangements, and the Year 10 Subject Parents’ Evening in May.

Year 11 Parental Engagement Evening: Thursday 7th April (5-6pm)

We are inviting all Y11 parents to an additional evening on Thursday 7th April which is focused on providing as much guidance and support as we can to help you support your children with their exam preparations over Easter and in the run up to their GCSE exams in May/June. Students will be taking part in Revision Support workshops during the day with Elevate who specialise in helping to support students build effective study habits, and parents are invited to attend the Engagement Evening from 5-6pm. Parents wishing to attend will be able to book through the Guardian Consultation section on Arbor and there is more information for Y11 parents in the letter specifically promoting this event.

There will also be a programme of Easter Revision sessions for Y11-13 students during the holidays which will be made available via the school website. 

End of Spring term / Y7-9 Curriculum Review Meetings: Friday 8th April

A crucial element of our planning to support continued student progress are the Curriculum Review meetings which subject teams hold following each set of termly assessments. We have retained the principle of students finishing earlier on these days to enable teachers to have extended time to work collaboratively in their teams to review assessments and make adaptations to the curriculum moving forwards. 

The next of these will be to review the KS3 Assessments and Curriculum in Y7-9 and it will take place on Friday 8th April. 

Students will be breaking up for the Easter holidays at 12 noon on Friday 8th April after attending Periods 1 and 2 as normal and an extended Tutor time.  Students eligible for a Free School Meal will be able to collect one before leaving the school site.  Staff will work through the afternoon on the Curriculum Review meetings for Years 7-9.

Start of the Summer term / Y11 & Y13 Curriculum Review Meetings: Tuesday 26th April

There is a CPD day for staff on Monday 25th April and all students will be returning to school after the holidays for a prompt start to lessons at 8.45am on Tuesday 26th April. Students will finish at 1.45pm on that afternoon to enable the Y11/13 Curriculum Review meetings to take place.  These meetings are of major significance as subject teams plan the final weeks to support students in the lead up to the first set of summer examinations since 2019. 

Teachers will post resources and assignments on Google Classroom for their Period 4 lessons when they are in Curriculum Review meetings, and will also provide instructions in person to students at the beginning of Period 4 before they are dismissed at 1.45pm. 

Summer Term Subject Parents’ Evenings – Year 10 (Thursday 5th May) & Year 7 (Thursday 7th July)

We have taken the decision to switch the planned Y7 and Y10 Subject Parents’ Evenings in the summer term to help with preparations for the Y10 Summer Mock Exams. The Y10 Subject Parents’ Evening will now take place on Thursday 5th May from 4-7pm and the Y7 Subject Parents’ Evening will move to Thursday 7th July from 4-7pm.  

More information on booking appointments for the Y10 Subject Parents’ Evening will be made available before the Easter holidays.

We thank you again for your time in reading this and wish you and your family good health. 

Mr R Trafford, Principal & Mr D Knox, Deputy Principal

Updated Key Dates for Parents/Carers

Thursday 31st MarchY8 Subject Parents’ Evening (4 – 7pm)
Thursday 7th AprilY11 Parental Engagement Evening (5-6pm)
Friday 8th AprilEnd of Spring Term – Students finish at 12 noonKS3 Curriculum Review Meetings (Year 7-9)
Monday 25th AprilStaff CPD day – Quality of Education: High Expectations
Tuesday 26th AprilStudents return to school at 8.45am;Y11/13 Curriculum Review Meetings –  Students finish at 1.45pm
Thursday 5th MayY10 Subject Parents’ Evening (4 – 7pm)
Friday 27th MayStudents break up for May half-term
Monday 6th JuneStudents return after May half-term
Thursday 7th JulyY7 Subject Parents’ Evening (4 – 7pm)
Tuesday 12th JulyStaff CPD day – Curriculum Review
Thursday 21st JulyEnd of Summer Term