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End of Term Arrangements – Summer 2022

28 June 2022

June 2022

Dear Parent/Carer,

End of Term Arrangements – Summer 2022

We hope this letter finds you in good health. We are writing this important letter to ensure you have everything you need to bring this academic year to a close, transition over the school holidays and to return again in September. It will contain a number of tables that you can copy, print or photograph. In this letter we will cover;

  • Key dates for the remainder term
  • Arrangements for the last day of term
  • Learning over the summer holidays and changes to site operations
  • Arrangements for the first days back in September
  • A reminder about uniform and standards
  • A note about GCSE and A-level exam results and what will be available on the website 

Key dates for the remainder term

Sixth Form Induction Days Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th July
Y6 New Intake DaysWednesday 6th July and Wednesday 13th July
Y7 Subject Parents’ Evening Thursday 7th July
Curriculum Review CPD DayTuesday 12th July
Final day of termWednesday 20th July

Year 6 New Intake Days: Wednesday 6th / 13th July

New Intake Days are vital in supporting new students to build familiarity with the school, and having not had these opportunities over the last 2 years we hope to help to induct our newest members of the Holyhead School family as best as possible. 

On Year 6 New Intake Days pre-COVID, we would ask specific year groups to remain at home and with our first of these days taking place on Wednesday 6th July, we have taken the decision to ask Year 7 & Year 9 students to remain at home that day, with learning for these year groups being remote using Google Classrooms. Year 8 and Year 10 students will be in school for normal lessons on that day.

With the second New Intake Day taking place a week later on Wednesday 13th July, we will be reversing the situation from the previous week, with Year 8 and Year 10 students learning from home via Google Classrooms and Year 7 and Year 9 students in school.

Curriculum Review CPD day: Tuesday 12th July

A reminder from previous letters that the school will be closed to students on Tuesday 12th July for our Curriculum Review CPD day. Teaching staff will be working in teams to review and improve their subject curriculum in line with our expectations around ensuring that key concepts are being developed, and built on over a 5/7 year period to support student outcomes and experiences. 

Arrangements for the last day of term: Wednesday 20th July

The last day of school for students is Wednesday 20th July which is a day earlier than was previously . This is as a result of staff completing additional CPD on the school’s commitment to restorative practice as part of our approach to behaviour and relationships in advance of the return in September.  We will finish at 11.30am where students will be dismissed after Period 2 lessons.  Students who are in receipt of Free School Meals will be able to collect a sandwich or equivalent before they leave. 

Learning over the summer holidays and changes to site operations

Given the learning lost over the course of the pandemic, it is important that students who have gaps in learning are able to access Google Classroom where teachers will signpost e-learning platforms that students can complete at home.  Teachers have been directed to provide summer holiday work to help to consolidate key knowledge that we have covered through the year, to help to secure this knowledge in students’ memories for September.  These assignments will be set using platforms such as GCSEPod, Seneca, Maths Watch etc… and they will provide immediate feedback for students.

We are also continuing to make use of the National Tutoring Programme funding to provide online tutoring for a number of students from Y7-10 from MyTutor, a partnership that has proven to be of great help for students in preparation for their GCSE and A Level exams which are coming to a conclusion now.  More information on this will be available to the parents of students who will be involved.

There will also be opportunities to read and to complete summer project work.  Students can find all this by accessing the Student Portal.

All information can be located on

This includes a transition section for parents/students joining Holyhead for the first time. 

We do run a reception service but response times can be slower than normal during term time. There is an emergency contact designated for each week but enquiry emails sent to will only be forwarded to the designated SLT contact in exceptional circumstances.  Staff are generally not available on site and we do restrict much of the building whilst building and renovation works take place.  The Executive Principal and Head of School will only respond to emergencies. 

Our Designated Safeguarding Leads and Vice Principals will check the Holyhead Helpline and enquiry inbox once per week.  However, to deal with urgent Safeguarding issues you should note the following contact details:

Other External contacts

Arrangements for the first days back in September

We have Staff CPD days on Monday 5th September and Tuesday 6th September, and will bring students back to school using a staggered approach from Wednesday 7th September to Thursday 8th September. This will ensure all year groups have an extended Tutor period before they begin normal lessons from Period 2 on Thursday 8th September.

Wednesday 7th September: Y7/11/12 only from 11:30am

Students in Years 7/11 and Year 12 will arrive at 11:30am for an induction day following compulsory safeguarding CPD for all staff.

Thursday 8th September: Y8-10 and Y13 from 8:45am; Y7/11/12 from 10:00am

  • Students in Years 8-10 and Year 13 will arrive for an 8:45am start for an extended Tutor time.
  • Students in Years 7/11/12 will arrive for school on Thursday at 10:00am for Tutor time. 
  • All students will have normal timetabled lessons from Period 2 at 10:40am after break time.
Year 7Students will arrive for a 10:00am startYear 10Students will arrive for a 8:45am start
Year 8Students will arrive for a 8:45am startYear 11Students will arrive for a 10:00am start
Year 9Students will arrive for a 8:45am startYear 12Students will arrive for a 10:00am start
Year 13Students will arrive for a 8:45am start

Standards and Expectations – Uniform

A full list of uniform requirements can be found here:

It is vitally important that we maintain the highest possible standards.

Please note that the website will contain a specific section for students and parents expecting to collect GCSE, A-Level or equivalent qualifications this summer. 

We would both like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support throughout another challenging year for everyone linked to the school. We have enjoyed tremendous success, bouncing back from the pandemic and re-establishing vitally important parts of our mission such as offering a distinctive curriculum, rich enrichment opportunities and focussed personal development profiling for each student. We have ambitious goals for next year and will be using our role within Central Region Schools Trust to continue trying to further extend our reputation for our mission to ‘Teach What Matters’ and our values of Care, Community, Character and Creativity. You will be able to see our Draft School Improvement Plan on the website but we have already identified priorities around high quality teacher development, using data expertly and engaging with parents with more purpose and intensity.

You can find out about our curriculum and our approach to learning by visiting the website.  We will keep you updated about examination results when they are released.  You can also read our termly PULSE magazine to see more about the magic of Holyhead.

By working together, we can turn our ambitious goals into an experience for young people that will last a lifetime.

Your sincerely,

Mr R Trafford
Executive Principal

Mr D Knox
Head of School