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You’re about to embark on a journey back to why you wanted to join education in the first place. Welcome to your purpose.

Thank you for your interest in Holyhead School. We’re an 11-19 Academy at the heart of Soho Ward, a vibrant and aspirational community with a deep sense of its own heritage and culture. We’re an inner-city academy school situated in an area that’s seen better days. But it’s not the streets, buildings or stores that make us get up in the morning. It’s the community we serve. It’s the less privileged kids who need more from their schools. Not all pupils are equal. Here at Holyhead, we know that better than anyone. We’re an Academy school that has the best intentions for our community. That’s why it’s important to understand all their needs and abilities, and we mean really understand because our community is unlike most others – it’s not rich, it’s not privileged and it’s not ‘up-and-coming’. It’s real, with kids who need support to help shape their future and keep them safe. This requires a different style, level, ability and most importantly, unity when it comes to running a school. We’re not a school that prides itself on positions on league tables (although we continue to break records). Instead, we pride ourselves on the kids who get jobs and steer away from an alternative, less positive life. That’s our purpose.

Whilst teachers play an undoubtedly important role, the associate staff are pivotal to Holyhead School. Our cleaners, site team, IT, catering and all other departments work together to ensure we enhance students’ lives every single day. Our joint purpose and passion for serving the community mean we can and are making a positive impact on the young people of today. This drive enables us to face challenges and overcome barriers with the optimistic, hard-working spirit of Holyhead School. Every single member of staff has the opportunity to shape lives; become role models, counsellors, inspirers, supporters, coaches and encouragers. So if you think schools are rigid and must follow a specific set of guidelines, then you’re probably not what we need. But if you think being a part of a school can be so much more, something that can enrich lives and build better futures for those who might not believe that’s an option, then go straight to our vacancies below and apply. After all, why be like everyone else?

If you want to enrich lives and Teach What Matters. Then Holyhead is the place for you. Take a look at our vacancies below.

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